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Warranty & Knife Care

Warranty Policy

Thank you for choosing one of my custom knives. Each knife comes with a comprehensive warranty, valid as long as I continue my craft or have the ability to perform repairs - a journey I never intend to end.

What the Warranty Covers:
1. Construction Issues: Any problems arising from the knife's construction, such as a loose or cracked handle, or any unexpected damage to the handle or blade during normal use.
2. Excessive Oxidation: While natural oxidation is expected with carbon steel blades, if your knife becomes overly oxidized over years of use, I will happily restore its finish.

3. Anything under my generous digression

What the Warranty Does Not Cover:

1. Improper Use and Handling: Damage from using the knife as a pry bar or forcing it through materials.
2. Neglect of Care: This includes leaving the knife in harsh conditions for extended periods, failing to wax the blade and handle, and keeping it wet for too long.
3. Dishwasher Damage: 
Using a dishwasher for cleaning is highly discouraged and will void the warranty.

4. Any work performed not by me: only sharpen if you know how. only let someone else sharpen if they know how.

any damage caused by sharpening I would consider avoidable, so the warranty does not cover it. the warranty does not cover any repairs or modifications not done by me.

Any misuse: Knives are designed to cut and in some cases chop, and stab. No knife is a prybar, can-opener, etc...

Knife Care Instructions

To ensure your custom knife lasts a lifetime and beyond, here are some essential care tips:

1. Keep Dry: Always avoid leaving your knife wet to prevent oxidation.
2. Handle with Care: After cutting acidic foods, rinse and wipe the blade.
3. Wash Gently: Use lukewarm water and a clean cloth for washing. Soap can be used for stubborn residues.
4. Apply Wax: After washing, apply a light coat of the provided wax to both the steel and handle to protect against moisture.
5. Proper Storage: Store in a dry, room-temperature area. Though my blades are built for all climates, this extra step ensures longevity.

Additional Reminders:

-Patina Formation: Over time, the blade will develop a patina, adding character and showcasing your use and love for the knife.
-Avoid Dishwashers and Soaking: These practices are detrimental to the knife's materials and will void the warranty. 

Please feel free to reach out at any time with questions regarding the warranty. 

With proper care, your knife will not only be a reliable tool but also a timeless piece of art.

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