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Expertly Forged Knives

Where Dullness Ends, Exceptional Sharpness Begins

About Me

Hello there! I'm James Proctor, a passionate knifemaker from the scenic West Kootenays. As of December 2023, I'm 17 years young and thriving in the midst of nature. My hobbies include wandering through the wilderness, indulging in hunting and fishing adventures, and above all, channeling my creativity into crafting unique items. My heart lies in the art of creating, and each day is a new opportunity to bring my visions to life.


Products & Services

I handcraft an array of unique products and offer personalized forging services, turning raw metal into treasures

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Custom Work

Work with me and I will create a knife for YOU

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Ready Made Knives

Check out what I've come up with and make one yours today



A dull knife is a dangerous knife



got a knife that needs some love?

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